Nitrogen Prices Continue Higher!

April 16, 2012

As we all have seen the cost of gas and oil have increased this dramatically. Oil is hovering in the $100-$110 per barrel. Never has the cost of producing nitrogen been higher. These costs certainly get passed along to the end consumer.

Demand increases.

Demand in Asia has increased dramatically in recent years. There is no indication that this demand will decrease.

What does this mean?

The increase in nitrogen cost is going to stay with us for a long time. Daily increases are now commonplace. With more than double and triple the cost of the same inputs as last year, it will cut deeply into margins. Even on crops with recent per bushel increase in prices like corn and wheat it is never good to increase input costs that drastically.

How does Vitazyme fit?

By using Vitazyme to offset some of your high priced nitrogen inputs, you can in some cases pay for the Vitazyme and get the same or better yield out of your crops. Many times quality is increased greatly, effecting your bottom line as much as yield, depending on the crop. An environmental benefit being the reduction of possible nitrogen runoff.

What to do?

Contact Michael Hudak at or call 800-728-2716 to order your Vitayzme today.