Vitazyme Product Information

Vitazyme is a liquid concentrate microbially synthesized from plant materials, and then stabilized for long life. Powerful but natural biostimulants contained in the material greatly benefit plant growth and soil conditions to boost growth and profits for the grower.

Vitazyme is non-toxic. It is organic, safe and sustainable and has an array of active agents, including:

Known Ingredients in Vitazyme (all derived from natural materials):

Brassinosteroids    Min-Max (Typical) 65-110 µg/g
1-triacontanol    Min-Max (Typical) 60-90 µg/g
Vitamin B1 (thiamin)    Min-Max (Typical) 3-5 µg/g
Vitamin B2 (riboflavin)    Min-Max (Typical) 0.2-0.4 µg/g
Vitamin B6    Min-Max (Typical) 1-3 µg/g

Vitazyme is an all-natural liquid “biostimulant” for soil organisms and plants that contain certain biological activators, which are by-products of a proprietary fermentation process. These active agents include vitamins, enzymes, and other powerful but gentle growth stimulators such as B-vitamins, triacontanol, glycosides, and porphyrins.

Vitazyme, used within the context of a common-sense management system, will help the farmer overcome many of his production problems. While not a “magic bullet,” it helps the entire system work better.

Agriculture of today must emphasize the use of biological systems — not strictly chemical approaches — to achieve long-term soil productivity.

The product promotes soil life by conforming with natural laws, by encouraging natural predators to control insect and nematode pests, by promoting more intensive biological nitrogen fixation, and by stimulating natural rhizosphere organisms to produce needed plant growth factors.