A Non-Toxic,
Safe Solution for
Today’s Agriculture

An all-natural liquid biostimulant that includes multiple brassinosteroids, triacontanol, enzymes, vitamins, and other powerful but gentle growth stimulators.

Vitazyme promotes soil life by working with the natural ecosystem

Vitazyme is one of the most profitable inputs you can use in your agricultural operation. You always get a return on your investment, whether it come from better quality parameters that command a higher market price or sheer yield increase or both.

Starting any crop with Vitazyme can greatly enhance the plants ability to uptake nutrients giving them the boost they need to launch them into growth. One to three more treatments throughout the crop cycle can greatly enhance the plants ability to reach its genetic potential.

Whether it is uniformity of size, brix content, saleable coloration, firmness, or sheer yield, Vitazyme will enhance your crops value, all while improving your soil structure and environment.

Vitazyme is safe and sustainable, making it a product that can be used indefinitely without any environmental concerns.

Plant Designs, Inc. is an authorized national and international sales agent for the manufacturer of Vitazyme. We currently offer sales in the United States through this website or via contact direct to our main office in Rochester, NY.

Internationally we operate currently in Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Australia, Chile, Ghana, Austria, Slovakia and the Czech Republic through regional distributors in those countries. We are currently expanding the list of countries, especially in Europe, Africa, South America and the Middle East, as we acquire commercial registrations or permissions for importation and distribution.  Many countries are in trials phases with commercial contracts coming in the next year or so.