Chilean Development Continuing

February 20, 2012

Syngenta Chile has been diligently working with Vitazyme since we approached them in late 2008.  First, we worked together on the biggest export crop of Chile, table grapes.  Together we found some great benefits that Vitazyme can bring to table grape farmers in Chile.

Last season, we expanded trials to include apples, cherries, and wheat in Chile with very promising results, leading to sales in those segments this season.  This past August/September we were in Chile and met with many Syngenta offices in different regions throughout the country to educate the agronomists about Vitazyme and to initiate further trials on crop segments that Syngenta has interests in.  We feel that we were successful in partnering to accomplish more substantial trials than we have before.

Their season is close to coming to a close in the Southern Hemisphere, and we expect to see results from trials sometime in the July range.  Once available we will post them here, as well as get them inserted into our annual Trials Summary.