Services We Offer

Interior Design & Maintenance


Plant Designs is the leader in interior landscaping in the upstate New York area. We have over 40 years landscaping experience and have built some of the most solid industry relationships around. Our plant broker, Charlie Cook & Associates, help us source everything tropical, from bromeliads and summer color, to our everyday live tropical plants. If it is grown commercially, they will be able to find it.

We specialize in making your office or common area inviting and a pleasant place to be. For your customers who will scrutinize the look of your office to the satisfaction of your employees every office décor need to be fine-tuned. Our salespeople will help make your dream a reality.

We will install and maintain your plants in the very best selection of containers from the leading container companies in our industry. From Lechuza, Architectural Supplements, to Jaz and others, our ability to get the container you are looking for to complement your décor is unsurpassed.

We select the best plants for your locations based upon your input and our experience. We will not offer you a ‘cookie cutter’ selection of only our favorite plants, rather we will work with you to get exactly what you need.

Once you have plants our maintenance division will service all plants in your account on a regular service day. Our service people are uniformed and well trained. You should expect them to be routine and timely in the servicing of your account. We try to maintain a steady workforce and have many people with over 10 years technician experience to expertly take care of the plants on your account. We are very proud of the service professionals that are part of the Plant Designs family, and strive to provide opportunity for growth and learning in our employ as a way to retain the very best.

At any time our maintenance division can be called on to add plants or move them to different locations, or even to just review your account with a walkthrough.

Our silk plant services can also be called upon in your standard plant services. When your location needs plants in very low light areas sometimes we recommend the use of silk plants as a substitute. Many times the quality of the silk plants is so good you won’t even notice the difference to the real ones. Our service professionals can dust and clean the silk plants during their normally scheduled maintenance.

We can also design silk plantings for areas that have accessibility problems or are not conducive to live plantings. Much décor work can be bettered by the slight addition of silk plants or greenery.

If you're interested in our interior plant design and maintenance program, please email us or give us a call 585.586.3366.


Exterior Container Program


In the last few years there has been much more of a demand for exterior planting in the summertime. We have developed a program of exterior container maintenance that will care for your exterior plantings from the end of May (or early June depending on the weather) through the month of September. We can plant containers or bedwork at or near the entrance to your building. Many times a strategically placed container with welcome color can enhance the entryway greatly.

We can develop almost any look for your container, with local summer plants and flowers, or a great combination of tropical palms with local color selection.

Every building is different and that is the reason we develop a custom maintenance program for each client, whether it is one container or multiple containers and plantings.

If you're interested in our Exterior Container Program, please email us or give us a call 585.586.3366.


Color Rotation Programs


Plant Designs offers many color programs to enhance the beauty of your plantings or office. We can always come up with a custom program using one or all of the color alternatives available to us.

Our most basic color program is our 3 and 5 week flower rotations. In this program you select how many of the 6” flowers you would like to have delivered each rotation. We will set up automatic delivery and billing (or they can be built into the standard invoicing) of the flowers to your account. These traditionally consist of kalanchoes, mums and other hardy rotation flowers in differing colors each rotation. You can choose to have these rotated on a 3-week or 5-week basis, depending on the level of freshness and change you want in your office.

We also offer color rotations with bromeliads. Bromeliads are tropical flowers that last much longer than the traditional color plants used in the 3 and 5-week rotations. Our typical bromeliad rotation is for 3 months. The bromeliads we select all hold their color and form for this longer time period and are ideal for a longer lasting rotation. For those clients wanting to extend the bromeliad rotation we have developed a 4-month bromeliad rotation using the Neorgilia species of bromeliad. The neogilia has its color and striping on its leaves and does not produce a typical flower or bulb like other bromeliads and thus is ideal for the longer rotation period.

All live color rotations will be maintained by our excellent maintenance department as part of your regularly scheduled service.

Our last typical color rotation is our silk flower rotation program. We maintain an inventor of over 10,000 silk flower picks in our warehouse that we use for our silk flower program. Once a flower has reached the end of its usable life it is retired out of the program. As a client you can choose to have these flowers rotated monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly. As silk plants that we can reuse on other rotations you can reap the benefits of color at a very affordable price. We work with our clients typically in December to schedule the next years’ rotations. That way you know what you are getting and when.

If you're interested in our color rotation program, please email us or give us a call 585.586.3366.


Decor Program


Seasonal Decor

Plant Designs, Inc. has a staff of highly talented designers who craft some fantastic custom work for you. From traditional silk plants, we have developed the ability to custom build our own ficus trees (or any other) in sizes up to 12’. We have a wide variety of vendors we work closely with to select only the very best and most realistic artificials out there.

From these extensive vendor relationships we can help design and build any custom solution for your décor setting. We can source almost any décor product for any situation, and we have installation staff with construction backgrounds to do tricky installations. We can help you custom design displays for windows or cases in your retail store. Even leaving areas for seasonal rotations. We have worked for many food service vendors to create permanent displays highlighting their products for sale. We even had one customer who liked the look of the desserts display we put together so much that they developed desserts to match our décor!

Holiday Program

Most of our seasonal décor work is dedicated to the holiday season. Each season we send members of our team to Altanta and Dallas holiday trade shows for inspiration and sourcing some of the incredible materials we use to custom craft your holiday décor with. We use only the highest quality materials available.

Our orders start arriving in May and June where we start assembly of our projects or re-design of existing projects. By mid-Summer we are in full holiday production leaving many of our employees glittered for months at a time! By October our projects are getting staged as installation approaches. On November 1st we start our installation season. Many of our projects start in early November and we install right on through early December. We work with each of our clients to coordinate the best installation time for them.

Right after Christmas the takedown schedule commences. Just like installations, we coordinate takedown timing according to client needs.

We work in all environments from the home to the office. Our team will come up with solutions for your décor using the latest styles and colors. As always you can custom create your own décor package for specific areas.

If you're interested in our decor and seasonal programs, please email us or give us a call 585.586.3366.