Field Study

Vitazyme on Grass Hay – 2005-Cuba

1. Germination was increased throughout the 80-day test period.

2. Plant density was improved at every stage during the 80-day growth period, with 2.3 more plants per square meter with Vitazyme at 80 days.

3. Stool and stalk density at the end of the test period were both increased with Vitazyme, by 8% in each case.

4. The relative composition of leaves, stalks, and dead tissue was much more favorable for the Vtiazyme treated grass, with a greater percentage of leaves and stalks and a reduction of dead tissue.

5. The dry matter content of the entire plant was higher with Vitazyme.

6. Vitazyme produced a 16% higher fresh yield, a 15% higher dry matter yield, a 46% greater leaf yield, and only half the dead tissue as the control.

7. Both the chlorophyll and carotenoid photosynthetic pigments were increased by the Vitazyme versus the control grass. 

Vitazyme has been shown in this study to a powerful adjunct to typical management practices for the production of Pennisetum purpureum in Cuba.