Field Study

Vitazyme on Wheat – 2009-Vinnytsia, Ukraine

This winter wheat study in Ukraine, using Vitazyme at four fertility levels with and without Vitazyme, revealed that this product gave a remarkable yield increase of 12 to 13% above the untreated control for each treatment comparison. This yield increase with Vitazyme was similar to the increase in yield with fertilizer: 12 to 13% increase at each fertility increment. Quality analyses revealed that grain weight, 1,000 grain weight, gluten, and crude protein all increased with Vitazyme, and disease incidence and spread were reduced as well. Stem density, grain number per load, and weight per head were all improved with Vitazyme, as was income: by 120 hrn/ha (no fertilizer) to 507 hrn/ha (100% fertilizer). These data clearly show that Vitazyme works together with fertilizer elements to improve wheat yield in a significant way, and this program is highly effective for improving the productivity and income of wheat growers in Ukraine.