Field Study

Vitazyme on Wheat – 2013-Ukraine

In the words of the researchers,
1. Without fertilizer application the double use of liquid organic mineral fertilizer Vitazyme for winter wheat seed dressing of Tsarivna variety, at a rate of 1 L/tonne, and for plant treatment at the tillering stage at a rate of 1.0 L/ha, provided compared to the control (without Vitazyme) the grain increase of 0.73% tonnes/ha, or 25%. The plots with mineral fertilization systems after Vitazyme application had yield increases of 1.11-1.22 tons/ha, or 21-23%.
2. Vitazyme use when growing winter wheat on the experimental plot without fertilizers gave the profit of 1,050 UAH/ha compared to the control, and the plots with NPK doses increased the profit by 1,837- 2,044 UAH/ha.
3. Winter wheat grain of Tsarivna variety, grown with the use of Vitazyme, had better quality characteristics on every experimental plot compared to the control plot without Vitazyme use. The grain units increased by 22-29 grams/L, 1,000 grain weight by 2.0-2.6 grams, gluten by 2.1-2.3%, and crude protein by 1.1-1.4%.
4. On every plot of winter wheat of Tsarivna variety with various NPK doses, and also without fertilizers, with Vitazyme compared to the control, the plants affected by root rot decreased by 22-24%, speck- led leaf blotch by 22-25% and speckled spike blotch by 14-23%.
5. The yield structure of winter wheat of Tsarivna variety under various backgrounds of nitrogen- phosphate-potassium fertilizers on every plot applied with Vitazyme was improved. The density of productive heads was increased by 25-34 units/m2, the number of kernels in a head by 1.9-2.4 units, and grain weight from the head by 0.13-0.16 gram.
6. By using Vitazyme for a seed dressing and applied to winter wheat plants, without fertilizers the grain quality increased from the 6th to the 3rd class, and with N60P30K45 application to the 1st class.