Field Study

Vitazyme on Wheat – 2010-Vinnytsia, Ukraine

A winter wheat trial in Ukraine, using a replicated plot design, revealed that Vitazyme increased grain yield by 8 to 22%, gluten content by 0.9 to 2.2 percentage points, crude protein by 0.5 to 1.2 percent- age points, test weight by 5 to 21 grams/liter, and 1,000-grain weight by 0.4 to 1.7 grams. In all cases the smallest increase for each parameter was with an undefined Vitazyme treatment, the next highest increase was for a seed treatment, and the highest values were in all cases for Vitazyme applied as a seed treatment and again in the spring as a foliar treatment. This management regime is shown to be a great benefit for Ukrainian wheat farmers.