Field Study

Vitazyme on Soybeans – 2013-Ukraine

The researchers concluded,

1. Soybean plants with either one or two foliar treatments (1 L/ha, and 1 L/ha + 0.5 L/ha) of Vitazyme, on top of a 1 L/tonne seed treatment, provided a yield increase of 0.52-0.57 tonne/ha, or 20-22%, and a profit of 1,850-2,050 UAH/ha.

2. The impact of Vitazyme applied in 2012 on soybean yield provided a yield increase of 0.21 tonne/ha (8%), and a profit of 840 UAH/ha.

3. Vitazyme application provided soybean seed quality improvement; the weight of 1,000 seeds increased by 4-8 grams, grain density by 8-17 grams/L, and crude protein by 0.8-2.2%.

4. Vitazyme application on seeds and plants, and carryover effects from 2012, provided an increase of nitrogen-fixing nodules of 9.7-18.6 nodules, and an increase of soybean leaf area of 0.4-1.3 m2 per one square meter of the plot (m2/m2).