Field Study

Vitazyme on Potatoes – 2009-Morepur, Harpur, India

This potato trial in India, which investigated the effects of Vitazyme on potato growth, yield, and income, showed that the seed and in-furrow treatments, plus a foliar-soil application, hastened emergence and early growth. At harvest, the Vitazyme treatments greatly increased tuber number, by 79% for the seed treatments and by 52% for the in-furrow treatment. The valuable 28 to 55 mm tuber size was much greater for the Vitazyme applications: 24% for the seed treatment and 14% for the in-furrow treatment. The yield increases for Vitazyme treatments presented in the report were small — 5% for the seed treatment — but based upon much greater tuber numbers and considerably higher ercentage of28 to 55 mm tubers for both Vitazyme treatments, these two yields should have been much higher than reported. Likewise, the modest income improvements with Vitazyme should be higher than the above chart shows. It is apparent from this study that Vitazyme does indeed improve potato production and profits in India.