Field Study

Vitazyme on Peas – 2013-Ukraine

According to the researchers,
1. In cases without fertilizers, two Vitazyme applications to the pea seeds of Tsarevych variety, at 1 L/tonne for the seeds and 1 L/ha at 5-6 leaves, provided an increase of 0.65 tonne/ha, or 31%.
2. With middle and high fertilizer levels (N20-45P10-30K20-45) and Vitazyme application, the yield increase was 0.81-0.86 tonne/ha, or 26-30%.
3. Vitazyme application on the fertilizer-free plot provided a profit of 1,375 UAH/ha, and with mineral fertilization systems of N20-45P10-30K20-45, the profit was 1,775-1,900 UAH/ha.
4. Vitazyme application provided pea grain quality improvement; crude protein content was increased by 1.1-1.5%.