Field Study

Vitazyme on Grapes – 2005-Tulare, California

Raisin quality was substantially improved by Vitazyme as well. The product assisted in raising the net raisin yield as well. While all treatments reduced substandard raisins from 2.7 to 4.0%, the percentage of high grade raisins (B and B) was the highest for Vitazyme + other Tulare Ag Products materials (+19.8% above the control), the second highest increase being the same treatment plus Ethrel (+15.0% above the control.)
Income with the Vitazyme plus other Tulare Ag products was increased by $618.31 above the control, and by $335.78 above the similar treatment when Ethrel was used instead of Vitazyme.
Vitazyme and other Tulare Ag Products materials have for the third year been shown to produce the highest yields of the highest quality raisins. Ethrel did well only when combined with Tulare Ag Products materials, but that 10% yield increase was dwarfed by the Vitazyme treatment with those same inputs (+22%).
Since Vitazyme and other components in the study have been shown to produce sugar (Brix) lev- els similar ro Ethrel treated grapes — Ethrel being used primarily to increase grape brix levels— and the yields are substantially increased above the Ethrel treatments, there is no apparent reason to apply Ethrel to grapes if Vitazyme and its program are utilized. This is especially true when considering the vine dam- age that Ethrel causes, since it produces ethylene, which triggers senescence in the vines.