Field Study

Vitazyme on Dry Beans – 2005-San Jose de las Lajas, Havana, Cuba

[Report of the Cuban researcher:] “This trial was carried out under adverse conditions, since after planting other field operations (irrigation, fertilization, pesticides, and cultivation) were not implemented. Under these conditions Vitazyme application showed positive effects on bean yield.”
“In spite [of the fact] that the area did not receive cultural attention and Vitazyme was applied before flowering:

• There was greater pod length and number of beans, as well as [a] smaller number of malformed beans when Vitazyme was applied.
• Yield increased by 24.73% when Vitazyme was applied.
• Under adverse trial conditions (no irrigation, fertilization, and pesticides) Vitazyme showed positive effects.”
“It is recommended to carry out new trials under actual crop production conditions.”