Field Study

Vitazyme on Corn – 2013-Cedar Falls, Iowa

A small plot corn study in east-central Iowa revealed that a late-planted Roundup Ready variety responded well to both two nitrogen levels, and also Vitazyme and Quantum products, alone or in combination. Vitazyme boosted the grain yield by 14% at 50% N, and by 13% at 100% N; Quantum Light + Quantum VSC increased the yields by 18% and 15% at 50 and 100% N, respectively. The products applied together in-row and foliar brought a synergistic improvement in yield above either product alone, the increases being 23% at 50% N and 17% at 100% N. Grain moisture was significantly reduced by the combined products at the 50% N level, but this reduction was not achieved at the 100% N level. Both products, and especially the products applied together, showed fine grain yield responses in this trial, and should be evaluated further as to their potential as excellent synergists for farmers in the Corn Belt.