Field Study

Vitazyme on Corn – 2013-Ukraine

The authors of the report stated,

1. The treatment of corn hybrid DKS 2960 at the 7-8 leaf stage with Vitazyme, at 1 L/ha, gave a corn grain yield increase of 106 tonnes/ha, or 15%. When applying the competitive chemical Kelpek at a rate of 1 L/ha at the 7-8 leaf stage, the increase of corn grain yield was 0.9 tonne/ha, or 8%, and was 0.7 tonne/ha less than with Vitazyme.

2. With Vitazyme at 1 L/ha, the profit was 1,690 UAH/ha, which is 910 UAH/ha more than when applying Kelpek at 2 L/ha.

3. Vitazyme application at 1 L/ha gave an increase in corn leaf area of 1.1 m2/m2 of the plot. Applying Kelpek at 2 L/ha gave a corn leaf area increase of 0.6 m2/m2 of the plot, which is 0.5 m2/m2 less than when applying Vitazyme.