Field Study

Vitazyme on Coffee – 2013-Dak Nong Province, Viet Nam

This coffee nursery trial in Viet Nam, using Vitazyme as a seed treatment and five soil and foliar treatments until selling time, revealed that ...
• Vitazyme increased seed germination at 4 to 6 days by 25 to 35%-points for all varieties. • Vitazyme increased seed germination at 30 to 34 days by 40%-points for all varieties.
• Plants with visible leaves improved by 50 to 55%-points at 50 to 57 days for all varieties. • Live plants that were bagged increased by 2%-points for all varieties.
• Leaf number was improved by 33 to 75% for all varieties.
• Plant height with Vitazyme increased by 57 to 75% for all varieties.
• Untreated plants required 150,000 VND more labor cost due to a small plant size.
• Extra income generated by Vitazyme was 2,500,000 VND for all varieties.
• Vitazyme treated plants were more salable due to bigger size and better appearance.
This program for coffee nurseries in Viet Nam is an excellent choice.