Field Study

Vitazyme on Cherries – 2013-Brewster, Washington

This cherry trial in Washington, comparing five applications of Vitazyme and Stimplex sea- weed extract in their respective treatments, revealed that all quality parameters were improved with Vitazyme; fruit diameter (up to 1.6%), fruit weight (up to 4%), fruit Brix (up to 1.86%-points), fruit pressure (4.4%), and the size spectrum. The sizes were moved toward the larger 8 and 8.5 row grade with Vitazyme. Also, the researcher noted much improved fruit set throughout the entire Vitazyme treated area, where as the Stimplex areas had much more missing fruit, especially in the interiors of the trees. Vitazyme has been shown in this trial to be a superior agent for improving cherry production. No yield data were taken.