Field Study

Vitazyme on Barley – 2013-Ukraine

In the words of the researchers,

1. In the case of no fertilizers, application of Vitazyme for spring barley of the Nabat variety, at a rate of 1 L/tonne of seed and 1 L/ha at the tillering stage, provided a grain yield increase of 0.76 tonne/ha, or 35%.

2. At middle and high nutrition backgrounds of spring barley plants (N30-60P20-40K30-60) and Vitazyme application, the grain yield increase was 0.91-0.96 tonne/ha, or 24-27%.

3. Vitazyme use when growing spring barley on the plot without fertilizers provided a profit of 1052 UAH/ha; with (N30-60P20-40K30-60) the profit was 1307-1392 UAH/ha, respectively.

4. Vitazyme use at respective development stages provided a slight increase in raw protein content in spring barley grain, by 0.2-0.3%.

5. Vitazyme application on spring barley plantings decreased the dark brown patch affect on leaves by 24-27%.