Field Study

Vitazyme on Black Beans – 2014-Damien, Haiti

A black bean trial in Haiti, comparing Vitazyme with a compost product (Supermagro), manure, and commercial fertilizer revealed that Vitazyme produced the best overall growth in terms of ger- mination (+39.5 %-points), time to emergence (1.3 fewer days), days to flowering (7.3 fewer days), height at 52 days (+40%), days to maturity (6 fewer days), insect infestation (7.5 %-points), plants harvested (+68%), pods per plant (+42%), pods per treatment (+139%), seeds per pod (+50%), and 1,000-bean weight (+40%) compared to the fertilizer treatment. All of these factors worked together to give a 151% yield improvement above fertilizer alone, a 7% yield increase over Supermagro, and a 24% yield enhancement above manure. While the three products compared to Vitazyme are not similar in composition or mode of action, even so Vitazyme proved to be the superior plant growth and yield enhancer in the Haitian study.