Field Study

Vitazyme on Wheat – 2012, Vinnytsia, Ukraine

In this replicated Ukrainian study with Carivna wheat at four fertility levels, Vitazyme proved itself to be a very consistent crop enhancer. The product increased yield by 15 to 20%, the highest percentage increases at the lowest fertilizer levels. Income was also boosted substantially. Grain quality was likewise enhanced: test weight by 1 to 2%, 1,000-grain weight by 4 to 5%, gluten by 8 to 14%, and crude protein by 9 to 12%. Fungal root rot damage was reduced by up to 25%, and both leaf and head septoria development were reduced by 17 to 27%. Plant physical traits showed improvements as well, with productive stem density increasing by 5 to 6%, grains per head by the same amount, and grain weight per head by 9 to 14%. These consistent results show the great value of Vitazyme in improving both the quality and yield of winter wheat in Ukraine.