Field Study

Vitazyme on Soybeans – 2012, Vinnytsia, Ukraine

A soybean trial in Ukraine compared Vitazyme with an untreated control. Vitazyme was applied the year before and in 2012 on the seeds before planting at 1 liter/ton of seed, and either once or twice more during growth at 0.5 liter/ha. Yields responded consistently to all applications, increasing by 7% for the 2011 carryover effect, and 13 to 19% for the two and three application treatments, respectively. Bean quality also was positively influenced by Vitazyme, the 1,000-seed weight, test weight, and crude protein all responding to the applications in stairstep fashion. The 2011 treatment gave the smallest response in bean quality. Three Vitazyme applications produced 8 more grams per 1,000 seeds, 11 more grams per liter for test weight, and 2.1% more protein than the untreated control. Root nodulation was greatly enhanced by Vitazyme, increasing by up to 33% with three treatments, but by 19% with a 2011 application. Leaf area increases were from 9 to 23%. The Rhizobium nodulation and leaf area increases both point towards greater nitrogen and carbon fixation to stimulate growth that produced the yield and quality results noted in this study. Vitazyme is shown to be a very viable soybean amendment for Ukraine.