Field Study

Vitazyme on Soybeans – 2012, Columbia, Missouri, USA

A replicated plot study on soybeans at the University of Missouri -- Columbia revealed that Vitazyme increased leaf nutrients during growth, especially for phosphorus (by 12%), and leaf crude protein as well. There was little effect in grain nutrient, protein, and oil levels. Growth parameters and yield were greatly enhanced: seeds per plant by 47%, pods per plant by 48%, and weight per plant by 44%; seeds per pod and seed weight were not affected. The final stand was improved by 10%, perhaps due to enhanced recovery after a severe hailstorm in early July, and yield was increased by 8 bu/acre, or 18%. These results show the great utility of using Vitazyme to improve soybean growth and yield in Missouri. Data on free amino acids in tissues are discussed in a separate report.