Field Study

Vitazyme on Peas – 2012, Santa Maria Cauque, Guatemala

According to the researchers, “In Vitazyme treated plots were observed:

• Higher germination
• Greater growth of the root system
• More vigor and size of leaves and stems (greater leaf development)
• Longer life of the plant
• Greater resistance to Fusarium
• Greater and earlier flowering
• Less damage from waterlogging

“At harvest, the average increase in the Vitazyme treated area over the untreated controls in the four trials was 42%, equivalent to 1.28 tons/ha. The most effective treatments were those having applications on the seeds in the rows before covering, and seeds soaked in a dilute (10%) Vitazyme solution before planting (30 to 59% yield increase). The least effective treatment was an application over the soil surface after covering (5% increase).”
These data show the importance of having Vitazyme make contact with the seeds at planting for a maximum crop response with peas.