Field Study

Vitazyme on Oranges – 2012, Panquehue, Region V, Chile

An orange trial conducted in Chile in 2012 compared three Vitazyme treatments with an untreated control, the plots having 30 trees each. For the first picking on June 26, the four Vitazyme treatments at 40, 30, 20, and 10 days before harvest resulted in a remarkable 39% yield increase of exportable fruit. Two Vitazyme treatments of 2 liters/ha at 30 and 10 days before harvest increased the orange yield only 4% above the control, but by adding a single ethylene treatment 10 days before harvest the yield rose to 18% above the control. In this trial the four 1 liter/ha Vitazyme applications yielded by far the best, but it is not known if an additional ethylene treatment might have boosted the yield even more, given that such a positive response was noted when ethylene was added to two 2 liter/ha Vitazyme applications. This prod- uct shows great responses for citrus growers in Chile.