Field Study

Vitazyme on Tobacco – 2012, Guatemala

A study on tobacco at two farms in Guatemala compared Vitazyme treatment with an untreated control. The conclusions of the researchers is as follows:
“1. The biological efficacy of Vitazyme in increasing leaf blade size and thickness, as well as coloring of tobacco curing, as compared to the untreated controls, was demonstrated.
2. Tobacco plant root growth was greater, with more weight and volume of secondary and adventitious Treatment Leaf chlorophyll Root weight, fresh Plant height Yield color Control pale green Vitazyme dark green grams 325.6 368.5 (+13%) meters 1.94 2.05 (+6%) cwt/mz 39 43 (+10%) Leaf Yield

Grams Treatment  N, P, K, Ca, Mg, S, B, Cu, Fe, Mn, Zn

% Control 3.56 Vitazyme 3.19
%  0.42 5.00 3.03 0.37 4.37 2.55
% ppm 0.57 3075 42.5 20.2 158.5 57.0 64.5 0.47 2930 39.1 18.8 219.5 50.5 46.9

3. Leaf analysis did not indicate damage to the quality of the leaves by the use of Vitazyme.
4. Higher yields of tobacco per unit area rendered production increases of 4 cwt (hundred weight) per manzana (0.7 ha), or 0.45 tons/ha (9 to 10%, according to trials) in the Vitazyme treatment compared with the untreated control....
The application of Vitazyme in tobacco crops, by carrying out three applications during the [growth] cycle, the first as a drench at transplanting, and the second and third by foliar sprays at 3 and 6 weeks after planting, all at a rate of 0.7 liter/manzana (1.0 liter/ha), is recommended.”