Field Study

Vitazyme on Corn – 2012, Cedar Falls, Iowa

A replicated corn study in east-central Iowa, during a very hot and dry year, revealed that two variations of Vitazyme both increased corn yield, one by 12% (24.34 bu/acre), and another by 7% (14.66 bu/acre). An amino acid product increased yield by 8% (16.08 bu/acre). With a corn price of $7.50/bu during the fall of 2012, these yield increases translate to $182.55, $109.95, and $120.60/acre. The combined Vitazyme plus amino acid treatment increased yield a very respectable 5% (9.18 bu/acre), but did not display a synergism. Grain quality was also improved by both Vitazyme and amino acids. Per bushel weight was increased by up to 0.51 lb/bu (Vitazyme 2), and grain protein was improved by 1 to 3%. Grain fat was especially enhanced by both products, increasing by 3 to 7% with Vitazyme alone, and by 20% with amino acids alone, and by 19% with the two products combined. These results show the great value of utilizing Vitazyme, and to a lesser extent the amino acids, to improve corn grain yield and quality in the central Corn Belt. There appears to be no synergism between Vitazyme and the amino acid formulation used in this study.