Field Study

Vitazyme on Corn – 2012, Dawson, Minnesota, USA

Four comparisons of Vitazyme treated and untreated corn varieties in this west central Minnesota study produced excellent yield increases for Vitazyme: 6% for Pioneer 38A56, 9% for Garst 88B37, 4% for Pioneer 36152. and 24% for Federal 5100. The 24% increase for the Federal variety was due in part to better standibility and stronger stalks and shanks of the great value in using Vitazyme to increase corn yields, grain weight, and profits in western Minnesota. Since only 13 oz/acre was used at planting, at a cost of about $5.00/acre, then the smallest increase (5.0 bu/acre) netted an added $32.50/acre — using $7.50/bu of corn — while the highest increase (20.6 bu/acre) netted $149.50/acre more with a single Vitazyme application. The recommended two applications would likely have given addition returns on investment.