Field Study

Vitazyme on Cocoa – 2012, Ghana

A replicated nursery and field evaluation of cocoa in Ghana revealed that Vitazyme greatly improved the growth of cocoa seedlings when applied to the soil of polyethylene liners as a 1, 2, or 3% spray. Seedling height and girth were significantly increased with all three percentage sprays, especially at 180 ad 240 days after planting. The 2% spray did as well as, or better than, the 1% and 3% sprays. Increases were from 16 to 24% at 240 days. Roots were greatly expanded with Vitazyme at 120, 180, and 240 days after planting, up to 113% over the control at 240 days. Shoot weight was significantly improved at all times from 60 to 240 days (41 to 60%), and total plant weight was boosted by 65% with the 3% spray at 240 days, though all Vitazyme percentages did well. These results show how remarkably well Vitazyme improves the growth of young cocoa plants.
The field study likewise proved the efficacy of Vitazyme to increase total and fermentable pods (20 to 22%), reduces discarded pods (by 3%), and increase cocoa yield (22%). Both fertilizers A and B at 100% usage increased pods and yield, by up to 77% for yield; 50% levels of these fertilizers plus Vitazyme improved pod growth (27 to 35%) and fermentable pods (30 to 38%), while reducing discarded pods (-7 to -14%) and increasing yield (30 to 38%). However, interpretations of the study were limited by the absence of a 100% fertilizer plus Vitazyme treatment, as well as a 50% fertilizer treatment without Vitazyme. With such an excellent response from Vitazyme alone, it would be expected – based on previous results with the products – that a synergism would appear at both the 50% and 100% fertilizer levels with Vitazyme appli- cation. No such determination could be made by the design of this study.