Field Study

Vitazyme on Wheat – 2011, Russia

A replicated winter wheat trial in Russia revealed that Vitazyme, applied on the seeds and also at tillering, substantially improved seedling emergence (by 2 days) and survival, which carried over into overwinter survival as well. Growth parameters showed marked responses to both Vitazyme treatments, such as productive stalks (+6 to 7%), tillering (+18%), head length (+13%), head number (+14%), seeds per head (+7%), grain weight per head (+20 to 50%), and 100-seed weight (+10 to 19%). Yield was improved by 15 to 16%. Epin-Extra improved most parameters, but gave only a 3% yield increase. Protein and gluten were increased the most by Epin-Extra, and the 1.0 liter/ha Vitazyme treatment decreased protein and gluten. The overall best treatment, in terms of yield and quality, was the 0.5 liter/ton Vitazyme seed application plus a 0.5 liter/ha foliar treatment.