Field Study

Vitazyme on Wheat – 2011, Krasnodar, Russia

An in-depth replicated winter wheat study in Russia revealed that both Vitazyme (at three rates) and Epin-Extra improved seed germination (9 to 15%, Vitazyme at 0.5 liter/ha the highest) and survival through the winter (88 to 89%, Vitazyme at 0.5 liter being best). Plant height, leaf area, and dry weight were improved significantly by both products, the most with 0.5 liter/ha Vitazyme. Leaf chlorophyll and carotene were also increased by both Vitazyme and Epin-Extra, the 0.5 liter/ha Vitazyme rate giving a 34% increase in carotene. Harvest parameters also revealed the superiority of the 0.5 liter/ha Vitazyme rate, as values significantly improved at P=0.05 for all treatments for tillers/plant (57 to 93%), productive tillers/plant (82 to 127%), head length (6 to 19%), grains/plant (68 to 90%), grain weight/plant (53 to 81%), and straw weight/plant (55 to 74%). In each case the 0.5 liter/ha rate of Vitazyme gave the highest values. All treatments significantly improved the yield above the control, and were statistically equal, but 0.5 liter/ha Vitazyme gave the highest yield. Grain quality-weight, glassiness, and gluten content were all improved by the products as well.