Field Study

Vitazyme on Corn – 2011, Cedar Falls, Iowa

A replicated small-plot study in east-central Iowa, using two Vitazyme versions with treatments at planti- ng and V-7, and three phosphorous fertilizer levels, revealed several significant effects of phosphorous and Vitazyme on test weight, yield, and grain protein. The year was favorable for high yields, so yields varied from 187.1 to 209.9 bu/acre. The tissue element levels for the first three treatments, analyzed mid-season, revealed that both Vitazyme A and Vitazyme B increased element levels, with few exceptions.
Test weight showed a positive impact from fertilizer phosphorous, increasing by 0.67 lb/bu for 65 lb/acre of P2O5, and by 0.84 lb/bu for 130 lb/acre of P2O5. Both Vitazyme A and Vitrazyme B gave increases in the test weight, of 0.21 and 0.25 lb/bu, respectively. It is interesting that the highest test weights were for Treatments 8 and 9 (high P2O5, Vitazyme A and Vitazyme B, respectively), which produced significantly heavier grain than the low-P2O5, no-Vitazyme control (Treatment 1). This result reveals that higher phosphorous levels plus Vitazyme increase mineral uptake the most due to rhizosphere activation – especially phosphorous-extracting mycorrhizae – and increased availability of soil nutrients.
Yield results showed significant increases in corn grain with the high P2O5 + Vitazyme B treatment, which exceeded the no P2O5 and no P2O5 + Vitazyme A treatments. Of particular interest is the trend for increasing grain yield with both increasing phosphorous fertility and Vitazyme A and B, especially with Vitazyme B, which boosted corn yield by 7.0 bu/acre (4%) above the combined average of the no-Vitazyme phosphorous treatments at all P2O5 levels. The highest yield was for Treatment 9 – high P2O5 + Vitazyme – which boosted grain yield by 22.8 bu/acre over the no P2O5 + no Vitazyme control.
Grain protein responded with no pattern to added P2O5 fertilizer, but Vitazyme A increased protein by 0.49%-point across all three P2O5 fertilizer levels. This study reveals that, of the two Vitazyme formulations, Vitazyme B is the best in terms of test weight and yield enhancement, but Vitazyme A increased grain pro- tein the most. Both products, however, improved yield, protein, and test weight of corn.