Field Study

Vitazyme on Algae – 2011, Rochester, NY

In this university study of algae growth in response to eight Vitazyme concentrations, results were not consistent using wastewater only, but when 0.9 mg/ml of NaNO3 were added to the wastewater there was a great response in growth of the algae. After 6 days of growth, the 0.25% Vitazyme treatment had exceeded the control receiving no Vitazyme by 40%. These results show that a small amount of added nitrogen with Vitazyme will greatly accelerate algae growth in nitrogen-limited wastewater, much like adding nutrients to the soil will enhance Vitazyme activity in normal agronomic situations. Algae require nitrogen to metabolize the carbonaceous contents of wastewater, and by supplying extra nitrogen, plus the metabolizing enhancements of Vitazyme’s active agents, the growth in a less nitrogen-deprived environment will proceed faster, making this product an excellent addition to algae production under these conditions.