Field Study

Vitazyme on Wheat – 2010, Tulchin raion, Vinnytsia oblast, Kleban, Ukraine

A winter wheat trial in Ukraine, using Vitazyme at 1 liter/ha in the fall or 1 liter/ha in the fall as well as in the spring, proved that the yield was increased by 11% with one application, but 7% with two. The income was increased by 1,106 hrn/ha for one application, and by 494 hrn/ha with the two treatments. Grain quality was improved the most with two Vitazyme applications, up to 1.8%-points for gluten, 1.1%- points for protein, 16 grams/liter for test weight, and 1.4 grams for 1,000-grain weight; a single application provided consistent increases in quality parameters, only slightly less than those from two applications.