Field Study

Vitazyme on Wheat – 2010, Pailahueque, Chile

In this wheat study with Vitazyme in Chile, using various 1.0 and 1.5 liter/ha applications, with a 50% fertilizer N application rate in some cases, all treatments improved plant population, by up to 24% with the 1 liter/ha spray before emergence. At 59 days after planting, the height of the plants was improved by 3 to 5% above the control, while the harvested yield increased by 7% (5.41 qqm/ha) for the 1 liter/ha application preemergent; the 1.5 liter/ha rate before emergence gave a similar yield increase. A fertilizer N reduction of 50%, with a 1.5 liters/ha application before emergence, produced a yield below the control; apparently the available N in the soil was not sufficient for a yield increase despite Vitazyme’s ability to improve N efficiency. These results show the great utility of using this product to improve wheat production