Field Study

Vitazyme on Grapes – 2010, Apacheta, Copiapo, Chile

This table grape study in Chile in 2009 and 2010 revealed that Vitazyme plus Ethrel proved to be superior to Ethrel treatment alone. Although grape sugar was not improved by Vitazyme, the AA size of the fruit was increased substantially by either the 1.5 liters/ha treatment twice (+62%), or by the 2.0 liters/ha treatment twice (+52%). Size AAA grapes were increased as well by both treatments, by 15% to 16%. Harvested yield was dramatically improved with Vitazyme, by 20% with the 1.5 liters/ha rate and by 23% with the 2.0 liters/ha rate. The early harvest percentage when Vitazyme was added with Ethrel was increased greatly as well by 440 to 802%. According to the researchers, “Vitazyme improved harvest of grapes 9 days earlier, and increased the boxes harvested per hectare. This was due to an early harvest of many boxes, and the treatment helped reduce the number of clusters that were not harvested.”