Field Study

Vitazyme on Grapes – 2010, Chile

This Flame Seedless table grape study in Chile revealed that Vitazyme greatly increased the percentage of grapes harvested on the January, 2010, first harvest; the percentages of Ethrel and untreated grapes harvested on the first harvest were 54.5 and 27.1%, respectively, while the Vitazyme treatment produced 81.8% of the yield for the first harvest. The product greatly advanced coloration of the skins. This early maturity with Vitazyme markedly improved the income of the farmer by allowing him to market more grapes earlier, to reach the more lucrative early market. Besides, the Vitazyme treated grapes had more sugar — thus tasted better — and there were fewer split grapes with the treatment. Ethrel was the second best treat- ment in terms of earlier maturity, followed by the control. The total harvest was about the same for all three treatments.