Field Study

Vitazyme on Sugar Beets – 2010, Belgorod, Russia

This sugar beet study in Russia, conducted during a very stressful year with high temperatures and low rainfall, revealed that under such stress Vitazyme treatments, applied twice (at 2 to 3 leaves and at 6 to 8 leaves), far exceeded the control for all parameters measured, and also exceeded the standard treat- ment using Epin-Extra. Vitazyme increased plant survival through stressful weather by 4,000 to 6,000 plants/ha (6 to 8%), while increasing plant weight by 22 to 33%; the leaf plus root ratios were also increased by 0.2 over the control treatment. Yield from Vitazyme application showed a significant increase of from 13 to 26%, the size of increase following the Vitazyme application rate increase. The standard Epin-Extra yield was 10% greater than the control. Sugar content of the beets was boosted by 0.6 to 0.8 percentage points with Vitazyme, with a final sugar yield increase of from 16 to 32%. Only the 0.1% Vitazyme rate was sig- nificantly equal to the Epin-Extra treatment in terms of final sugar yield. These results prove the great util- ity of using Vitazyme for sugar beet production in Russia.