Field Study

Vitazyme on Apples – 2010, Wayne County, New York

This New York apple trial revealed some positive response for TrophoMax alone with the >3.0- inch apple size (+4.1%), but with no other parameters measured. However, along with Vitazyme the fruit load (+9%) and fruit number (10%) were noticeably improved, as were >3.0-inch fruit (+4.4%) and the brix level (+0.3 percentage point). The calculated yield was also increased by 96.5 bu/acre (+9%) above the control with the combined products. There results lend credence to the possibility that the improvements noted in apple yield and quality in this study were due to Vitazyme and not TrophoMax bacteria, although there was no treatment with Vitazyme alone to verify this possibility.
According to the researcher,
• Total vegetative growth was somewhat increased in both the TrophoMax and TrophoMax plus
Vitazyme treatments compared to the untreated control, although growth was adequate in all trees.
• Fruit set (apples/tree) and total yield were highest in the TrophoMax plus Vitazyme program.
• Fruit size was very large in all three treatments, mostly 3.0 inch diameter-plus fruit.
• Percent red fruit color at harvest did not vary between treatments.
• Fruit firmness at harvest did not vary between the three treatments.
• The TrophoMax plus Vitazyme treatment showed an increase in soluble solid levels (Brix).
• No differences in fruit finish, or any signs of foliar or fruit phytotoxicity, were observed. TrophoMax applications did not result in any crop injury.