Field Study

Vitazyme on Watermelon – 2009, Ningziang County, Hunan, China

This Chinese study on watermelons in 2009 showed that Vitazyme substantially improved crop performance, improving the speed and uniformity of germination, plus increasing leaf size and photosynthetic area; this occurred despite shorter vines with Vitazyme, but shorter internodes meant more leaves per length of vine. More fruit per vine (7%), and a larger fruit size (6%), led to an 18% yield increase with Vitazyme. Moreover, this greater yield was more flavorful, having 8.3% more soluble solids in the center of the melons and 3.5% more solids at the melon edges. Especially important was the income increase of 18%. This program has been shown to be an excellent adjunct to watermelon cultivation in China.