Field Study

Vitazyme on Grapes – 2009, Santiago, Chile

This table grape study in Chile revealed that Vitazyme produced consistent improvements in grape berry diameter for both varieties, about equal to Citogrower, although these increases were not significant. The increases for Vitazyme were 0.66 mm for Thompson Seedless and 0.27 mm for Crimson Seedless. For some reason, all three treatments caused brix levels to be slightly lower than the control for the Thompson Seedless grapes, but these differences were not significant. For the Crimson Seedless grapes, however, Vitazyme improved the brix level by 0.72 percentage point; again, this difference was not significantly greater than the control. Despite lack of significant differences in the data, Vitazyme produced, on average, the best overall brix levels and largest berry sizes in this table grape study.