Field Study

Vitazyme on Rice – 2009, Cianjur, West Jave, Indonesia

In this Indonesian rice study, using normal (100%) fertilizer, with and without Vitazyme, and 50% fertilizer with Vitazyme, all three treatments were statistically equal in yield, and all significantly exceeded the “farm practice” treatment. This result proved that Vitazyme applied twice, along with a 50% reduction in fertilizer, produced a yield equal to the 100% fertilizer treatment without fertilizer. This result is highly important for Indonesian rice farmers, who need to minimize fertilizer inputs due to high costs.
Vitazyme applied with 100% fertilizer also greatly improved seed number per panicle of rice at harvest, being 46% above the farm practice and 28% greater than the 100% fertilizer treatment; this great seed per panicle increase was not observed with the 50% fertilizer plus Vitazyme treatment.