Field Study

Vitazyme on Bush Beans – 2009, Gladewater, Texas

This greenhouse study of bush beans, using Vitazyme, Twiin N, and Revive Plus, revealed that Twiin N provided the greatest overall plant growth stimulation (+33%), though this increase was significantly equal to Vitazyme + Twin N (+ 23%) and Vitazyme + Twin N + Revive Plus (+23%). On the other hand, total flower clusters, a good indication of final yield, was highest for all three products combined (+58%), while Vitazyme + Turin N gave a 49% increase. Vitazyme alone gave a 31% flower cluster increase, while Twin N alone provided a 26% increase above the control.
The number of set beans was by far the highest for the three combined products (+147%), which was significantly greater than the other treatments. Plant height was greatest with Twin N, as was the root color ... a light color indicating aggressive, disease-free new roots, although Vitazyme and all three products com- bined provided significantly equal root conditions. Only Vitazyme alone gave root nodules in a few of the plants. Ironically, the control treatment had the largest number of open flowers, but flower clusters and set beans were least for this treatment.
This study shows that while Twin N stimulated the greatest overall plant growth in terms of plant height, dry weight, and root conditions, the apparent best treatment was the one that indicated the highest yield potential ... the combination of Vitazyme, Twin N, and Revive Plus. The number of flower clusters and set beans was highest for this treatment.