Field Study

Vitazyme on Watermelon – 2008, Ecuador

Vitazyme in this Ecuador university study produced great increases in melon yield and income compared to the untreated controls at all nitrogen levels. Yield increases ranged from 18 to 71%, a response to better nutrient utilization with Vitazyme as evidenced by greater fruit numbers and female flowers, and generally greater melon dimensions. Vine length at 40 and 60 days after planting did not reflect these increases in yield. Income was greatly boosted by Vitazyme, especially at the 150 kg/ha nitrogen application, where the increase was $1,897.60/ha above the control, with a cost/benefit of 4.30. All cost/benefits with Vitazyme were substantially enhanced above the control, proving that Vitazyme use with watermelons in Ecuador is a highly viable practice for farmers.