Field Study

Vitazyme on Oil Palm – 2008, Ecuador

In this Ecuadorian oil palm rooting study, all treatments provided root mass increases over the three-month test period, of from 13 to 73%, the greatest value with Treatment 5 (all products except SZ Calcio). Product costs, with the 30% fertilizer reduction, all exceeded the 100% fertilizer control, the lowest cost being for Treatment 6 (Vitazyme only). In terms of total product performance, Treatment 5 did the best, giving a ratio of 0.196, followed by Treatment 6 (Vitazyme only), giving a ratio of 0.159. These data confirm the long-noted observations that Vitazyme works best when combined with various nutrients and organ- ic materials, such as the humic and fulvic acids of Pacha Mama, the nitrogen and the other nutrients of Novaplex and Nitro 30, and other growth stimulants and plant protectants in TKO Phosphite and Novaplex. Oil palm yields should parallel these root growth results, so it is safe to conclude that the combination of products in Treatment 5 — Pacha Mama, Vitazyme, Novaplex, Nitro 30, and TKO Phosphite — will provide the best economic returns for oil palm growers in Ecuador out of the six treatments evaluated.