Field Study

Vitazyme on Corn – 2008, Cedar Falls, Iowa

In this first year of a long-term trial to evaluate the effects of Vitazyme on the physical, chemical, and microbiological effects of the soil, and on crop response, Vitazyme greatly boosted grain yield (12.06 bu/acre, or 10%) above the control. Baseline soil chemical analyses were completed, as were baseline microbiological analyses. A September 10 microbial analysis revealed that, while both treatments showed minimal differences in most parameters measured, there was a marked 111% increase in total protozoa with Vitazyme. In addition, the supply of plant-available nitrogen was improved by about 25 lb/acre with Vitazyme, a significant factor in the current climate of high and volatile fertilizer prices. Work will continue during the coming years on monitoring the changes brought about by Vitazyme on an array of soil and plant characteristics.