Field Study

Vitazyme on Sugar Cane – 2007-Havana, Cuba

Biostimulants Fitomas-E, Enerplant, and Vitazyme ratified once more, in the 2007 harvest season, their marked effect on sugar- cane yields in all provinces, cultivars, soil types, and sprayer types evaluated.
Among the three biostimulants, Vitazyme recorded the highest overall cane yield increase (in most cases with two applications), followed by Fitomas-E, while Enerplant recorded the lowest overall increase.
298.91 140.36
A differential response to the biostimulants by regions was ratified: Fitomas-E showed its lowest yield increases in the assessed eastern provinces, while in those eastern provinces Vitazyme and Enerplant showed their largest increases, higher than Fitomas-E.
Fitomas-E continues to be the biostimulant of greatest economic benefit, thanks to the much lower overall cost of the product per hectare, since it is of local manufacture. It also has lower cost and greater ease of application (only one operation is needed). Vitazyme and Enerplant also offer marked economic benefits, although lower than Fitomas-E under the conditions of Cuba.