Field Study

Vitazyme on Apples – 2007, Wayne County, New York

This honeycrisp apple trial was summarized by the researcher as follows:
“No differences in fruit finish or any signs of leaf or fruit phytotoxicity were observed in this evaluation.
There was a trend toward larger fruit size in the Vitazyme treatment (7.0 oz/fruit) compared to the untreated standard (6.8 oz/fruit) — and a corresponding increase in the percentage of harvested fruit over 3.0 diameter (90.7% vs 81.1%). The Vitazyme program also increased soluble solid levels by 0.4 brix.
Bitterpit (stipping) was a problem in the trial site this very dry season despite regular foliar calcium applications. The Vitazyme treated fruit showed slightly more bitterpit incidence (3.1%) vs. the untreated Honeycrisp trees (1.9%) — likely a direct result of increased fruit size.
The largest commercial challenge to growing Honeycrisp is maintaining good return cropping levels — so return bloom counts will be made at this trial site in spring 2008.”