Field Study

Vitazyme on Potatoes – 2007, Hancock, Wisconsin

This north central Wisconsin potato trial revealed that Vitazyme, together with MgSO4 and additional
boron, produced superior potatoes and 3% more usable tubers. Of this improved usable yield, there were 7.17% more U.S. number 1 grade tubers, and more 7 to 10 oz and minimum to 10 oz sizes. Besides, there was a reduction in small tubers, and those less than 10 oz. Percent usable yield was 4.0 percentage points higher, hollow heart (caused by boron deficiency) was reduced by 1.1 percentage points, and soft rot was decreased by 1.66 percentage points. This program caused a definite improvement in production and quality.
Another field nearby did not produce quite as great an improvement in tuber quality, but the U.S. Number 1 grade was increased by 1.79 percentage points, and the minimum to 7 oz size was improved by 3.12 percentage points with Vitazyme.