Field Study

Vitazyme on Soybeans – 2006, Cedar Falls, Iowa

In this replicated soybean study in Iowa, all but one treatment produced significant yield increases (P=0.05) of from 2.95 to 4.68 bu/acre (6 to 10%). The greatest increase was with Vitazyme + Actinovate, although Vitazyme alone produced a 9% yield increase. These yield increases produced income increases of from $17.70 to $28.08/acre. Grain moisture did not vary significantly among the eight treatments because all of the grain was harvested when almost completely dry, although all treatments produced some- what dryer beans at harvest than did the untreated control..
This study shows that Vitazyme alone produced nearly the greatest yield improvement, and other treat- ments or combinations did not significantly exceed this result. The use of Vitazyme is a highly profitable prac- tice in Iowa, and has been proven to consistently increase soybean yields and profits since 1995.